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DART Learning, NSW Department of Education


DART Learning brings experts in their fields from across the world to students of all ages.

We are a small and highly skilled NSW Department of Education team. We possess the technology and experience to partner with both internal teams and external organisations, allowing students to connect to unique and exceptional virtual learning opportunities.

Your journey with us:

  • Provides an abundance of enriched curriculum linked virtual excursions
  • Permits collaboration with other providers to produce exciting and state-of-the-art virtual content
  • Enables students to travel virtually to new places they may never otherwise get the opportunity to go
  • Encourages students to embrace new educational landscapes
  • Allows students to interact and question experts at Speciality Live Events
  • Offers students a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes areas
  • Allows access to innovative and original thinkers, empowering and broadening student thinking

Browse our existing virtual excursion productions and collaborations or reach out to us with your ideas, and we can discuss creating cutting-edge virtual excursions together.

The DART Learning Team:
Bonnie Tratt – DART Learning Manager
Jacob Nankivell – Video Production Specialist
Lee-Anne Stone – User Integration & Administrative Officer
Jan Rasborsek – Educational Advisor & Administrative Support