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Tuning in – creative arts and wellbeing (Early Stage 1, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3)

On Demand

Tuning In’ reinforces the connections that creative arts can foster within a school to improve student wellbeing, develop experiences & exposure to quality arts learning.



Through this ‘Tuning In’ project, each artform is represented with its own unique strengths in supporting and developing student wellbeing. This project is a collaboration between the NSW Department of Education and Musica Viva In Schools, Studio A, Sydney Opera House, and Sydney Theatre Company. ‘ Feelings of inclusion within and beyond the classroom into the school community are of the utmost importance in developing a stronger sense of school community and belonging across various settings. ‘Tuning In’ provides students and teachers with a way to connect through the arts.

The creative arts play a significant role in helping students create meaning in their lives. They provide a way to interpret the world through opportunities for self-expression, enjoyment, creativity and reflection. Through each artform within the creative arts, schools can be empowered to build a sense of community and a shared purpose, by supporting wellbeing and collaboration within the school environment. A focus on the arts, and the strengths that each artform can uniquely provide, enables connections for students to express a sense of place and identity, build relationships, persevere through challenges, adapt to change, and develop skills in resilience. This is the key focus on ‘Tuning In’.

Students can participate in each session and then use this learning to decide on one or many collaborative projects to complete in their own school environment. The final session features a teacher discussion forum with art educators and industry professionals.

Each event includes a downloadable guide for future reference. Teachers will receive links to the resources after booking this event.

Sessions include:

Sydney Opera House
Yarning Circles – an Acknowledgement of Country and Yarning through creative arts

Sydney Theatre Company
Drama and resilience – building skills in resilience and in drama through an engaging text

Musica Viva In Schools
Music and adaptability – guidance and ideas to adapt materials to create musical instruments and organise sound

Studio A
Visual arts and perseverance – inspiration and guided techniques for building perseverance when creating a school mural

Sydney Opera House
Dance to build relationships – using our surroundings to build relationships for dance inspirations

Teacher Webinar
Industry professionals and arts educators answer questions connected to this program and the creative arts.




BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Creative Arts K-12

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On Demand (available until: 31-Dec-2024 05:00PM)

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30 Minutes





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Creative Arts » Visual Arts » Appreciating (Visual Arts)

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