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Lake Mungo Virtual Excursion (Stage 4, Stage 5, Stage 6)

On Demand

Join us on a Virtual Excursion at Lake Mungo where we learn the history of Aboriginal culture & heritage, whilst also exploring the scientific significance of the site, including ancient & Megafauna, fossil formation and the ecosystem today.


This virtual excursion consists of 18 parts:

Episode 1 – Acknowledgment of Country. Duration 1:15
Episode 2 – Introduction. Duration 3:34
Episode 3 – A Landscape for Dreaming. Duration 6:28
Episode 4 – Location description. Duration 0:58
Episode 5 – Willandra Lakes environment. Duration 2:03
Episode 6 – Ancient People. Duration 6:48
Episode 7 – Ancient fauna. Duration 2:00
Episode 8 – The Megafauna Mystery. Duration 5:37
Episode 9 – Lady Mungo and Mungo Man. Duration 3:50
Episode 10 – Burial Customs. Duration 2:02
Episode 11 – Lake Mungo and European occupation. Duration 3:50
Episode 12 – Lake Mungo today. Duration 4:06
Episode 13 – Soil and Geology. Duration 13:58
Episode 14 – Land Management World Heritage. Duration 13:05
Episode 15 – Repatriation as a social justice issue. Duration 6:33
Episode 16 – Fossil formation. Duration 7:49
Episode 17 – The Ecosystem today. Duration 3:26
Episode 18 – Extra message from Mungo. Duration 3:41

Upon booking you will receive the link to all of the above, watch all or a few, the choice is yours!


BROUGHT TO YOU BY: DART Learning, NSW Department of Education

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Event Type

On Demand (available until: 13-Oct-2028 11:59PM)

Delivery Platform

Youtube Recording


13 Minutes





Main KLA, Strand, Sub Strand

Aboriginal Culture and History

Other KLAs

HSIE » Geography

HSIE » History

Joining The Event

Technology and Materials Requirements

Device and internet.

This is available via YouTube. After you have made a booking the link will be sent to you.

If you have any queries please contact the provider

Name: DART Learning

Phone: 1800 824 737

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://dartlearning.org.au/

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