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It is recommended children have an adult supervisor present during live interactive events. Often it is based on the type of excursion, content providers will have there own privacy policy and will advise participants of requirements.

DART Learning virtual excursions are available to teachers, parents and students who have appropriate internet connectivity and hardware.

1. Live Event – Scheduled
Programmed excursion, with a set time and date and the ability for multiple registrations
* two way video – from presenter and return video from participants
* One way video – streaming with or without a chat facility
More often than not, special one-off events OR events that are listed with multiple teachers/parents able to book in at the date and time nominated by the provider

2. Live Event – By Request
By getting in touch with the content provider, a teacher/parent/user can request an excursion on a date and time to suit them. The provider can stipulate a range of dates they can provide the excursion and the user can nominate the date/time they would like to attend. These excursions will more than likely be one provider to one user (a whole class or a home-schooled student).

3. On Demand – Limited
An online recording available for only a limited period of time (range of dates)

The provider lists an excursion with a link to a previously recorded event, but it will not be made available indefinitely.

4. On Demand – Unlimited
An online recording permanently available

This will provide links to recently recorded and previously created videos, including co-productions with NSW DoE (eg. your YouTube channel). This category also includes Live feeds from a content provider’s organisation eg. Taronga Zoo elephant cam

If it is an excursion that you would like to offer to other schools and you would like to see it promoted on the DART Learning website please contact the DART Learning team.

For more information regarding procedures and guidelines, please visit the NSW Department of Education’s policy library page: https://www.det.nsw.edu.au/policies/index.shtml

We are happy to help where we can and here are a few hints

  • Set your camera presets before joining the conference
  • If there are windows in the room, close any drapes or blinds. Daylight is a variable light source and can conflict with interior room lighting.
  • When adjusting your camera, try to fill the screen as much as possible with people rather than with the table, chairs, walls, lights, or the floor
  • For microphones not fixed, ensure they are at least 1 metre away from the video conference camera/endpoint and not near any other electronic equipment otherwise audio will be severely affected
  • Keep microphones muted until invited to speak by the presenter.  Mute your microphone directly after speaking. There is always peripheral noise at schools and the microphones pick up everything.  This is a big distraction to the presenter and other participating schools.
  • During open events, there can be large numbers of participating schools. It is helpful for you to have your questions ready before the Q&A section of the presentation.  If you think of a question, and it is not an appropriate time to ask, please write the question down so you don’t forget!

To clear your cache history, use these guidelines, then follow steps 2 to 7 below:

Chrome & Edge. 

1. Press [Cntrl, Shift & Delete] keys simultaneously, which will bring up [Clear Browsing Data] window 

2. Toggle the first option to [All Time] and click on [Clear Data] button

Apple Mac OS Safari: 

1: From the Safari Menu bar, select [Safari] option  

2: Select the [Clear History…] from the dropdown menu 

3: Select [Clear History] button 

4: Close and relaunch Safari 

Internet Explorer. 

1. Press [Cntrl, Shift & Delete] keys simultaneously, which will bring up [Deleting Browsing History] window 

2. Untick the ‘preserve favourites’  

3. Tick all other boxes 

4. Click on [Delete] button, waiting for completed message to appear at bottom of browser.  

IMPORTANT – Once complete you MUST close down all instances of your browser and restart browser for Clearing of Cache to take effect 

1.       Clearing browser cache 

2.       Go to https://dartlearning.org.au 

3.       Select ‘Login / Register’ button in the top menu bar 

4.       If you are a DoE staff member, select the Single Sign On (SSO) logon option on the left. 

5.       Department SSO logon page will present.  Enter your DoE credentials 

6.       If prompted to update your profile, enter the mandatory fields and save 

7.       You will now be able to navigate and register to the event of your choice. 

To cancel a booking for an existing event that you have registered for, follow these steps:

  1. From your account dashboard, select the Manage Bookings option.
  2.  Find the event that you would like to cancel from your bookings listed in the table and select the View/Edit Booking option from the Actions button.
  3. For each attendee within the booking that you would like to cancel, change the RSVP status to Not going.
  4. Click on the Update Booking button. This will cancel your booking.
  5. *IMPORTANT NOTE* – If you don’t find your booking listed, this is because the provider is using their site to book through – You will need to contact them directly to cancel your booking (refer to your booking confirmation email or excursions provider details found under the joining the event TAB).