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Interested In Becoming A Provider?

Information For Providers Working With DART Learning

A provider produces curriculum enriching content and makes it available to schools via video services.
A provider can deliver one-off events, or regular sessions that NSW Department of Education schools, other schools and home school supervisors can access via the DART Learning website.

DART Learning are the gateway for providers to deliver their content into NSW Department of Education and other schools across Australia.
We provide:
• A centralised website where teachers/principals/staff search for curriculum enriching video service events
• Promotion of your event through our website’s booking system and to our list of subscribers
• Advice to help your event run smoothly
• Technical support to allow the presenter to focus on delivering the content
• Informative, exportable data following your event (when utilising the DART Learning booking system)

A potential content provider should be ready to engage with schools and homeschool parents via video services such as Zoom or YouTube, either by using their own video production provisions, or by negotiation, using ours.

If you are thinking about becoming a DART Learning provider:
Please fill in the Register Your Interest In Becoming A Provider form
Or fill out the Would Like to Discuss Further form and we will contact you to set up a suitable time

Once you are an approved DART Learning provider, you are responsible for listing your content on the website. The DART Learning Team are happy to assist you with your listings and can provide any assistance you may require.

1. Live Event – Scheduled
A programmed event, with a set date and time.
The event may have one- or two-way video, chat, polls and or Q&A enabled and be accessed via a Zoom meeting or Zoom Webinar or similar.

2. Live Event – By Request
A teacher/parent/user can request an excursion on a date and time which is mutually agreeable with the provider. These excursions will more than likely be one provider to one user (a whole class or a home-schooled student).

3. On Demand – Limited
An online recording which is available for a limited period (set range of dates)
The provider lists an event with a link to a previous recording for a limited time.

4. On Demand – Unlimited
An online recording which is available for an extended time.
The provider lists an event with a link to a previous recording for potentially several years.
*Please note – The content must remain relevant or be listed as On Demand – Limited with applicable date range.

The DART Learning Team have resources to assist you in producing your video events.
We have some capacity to assist you with:
• High quality video filming
• Video editing
• Live streaming
• Webinars

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact the DART Learning Team [email protected] with as much notice as possible.

• Make sure your presentation is highly interactive and visual
• Provide access to something that participants may not see or do, even if they visited your venue (e.g. Behind the scenes)
• Ensure your content is appropriate to the curriculum and age of your intended audience
• Include vision of pre-recorded grabs to your event
• Use PowerPoint presentations in ways that enhance your event

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Interested In Becoming A Provider?