About DART Learning

DART Learning is a project of the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities (NSW DEC) unit - Distance And Rural Technologies (DART). DART Learning provides and co-ordinates video conferencing excursions for DEC schools, TAFEs and non NSW DEC schools. DART Learning video conferencing excursions bring students and teachers face to face with experts across the globe.

Our excursions are designed to enrich and supplement curriculum across all stages and key learning areas. DART Learning began with HSC marking sessions for teachers and the State Library of NSW. The NSW DET Distance and Rural Technologies Unit entered into a partnership with the State Library, enabling the DART Learning team to install a videoconference camera at the library’s site to become the first “outside” internet connected camera allowing schools to tap into its expertise and extensive resources.

DART Learning has grown with video conferencing in NSW DEC schools. The early adopters and developers of video conferencing have been the rural and remote schools to extend and enhance curriculum and connect our students to the world beyond their geographic isolation.

The NSW government’s expansion of video conference technology to every school and TAFE campus sparked a demand for virtual excursions and created a viable audience for some of the best museums, galleries, research institutes, scientists, writers, artists, musicians and zoos in the world to invest in compatible technologies and deliver rich and authentic interactive learning experiences directly into classrooms.

The Dubbo NSW based DART Learning team is a small and dedicated team who also manage the learning technologies for NSW’s Rural and Distance Education schools. We partner with the Media Services team within the NSW DEC Information Technology Directorate, a growing list of content providers, telecommunications companies, government agencies, universities and technology vendors to bring the best of the world’s learning experiences, reliable technologies and support to our schools.

The DART Learning team produces a limited number of authentic curriculum relevant content with our content partners including schools and communities. The team have the technology and experience to take your class to unique events and learning experiences.

DART Learning links your classroom to the world. You are a few clicks away from booking incredible interactive learning experiences from some of the best museums, galleries, research institutes, scientists, writers, artists, musicians and zoos in the world.