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STANSW 2023 – Bringing mosquito monitoring and citizen science into schools – A/Professor Cameron Webb with Dr Larissa Braz Sousa (Teacher)

On Demand

Mosquitoes are everywhere, they’re found in wetlands, bushland, and backyards. They’re incredibly adaptive responding quickly to environment changes and quite pretty to look at under the microscope.


The only problem is, they bite. They can also spread the pathogens that make us sick. While health authorities around Australia have formal surveillance programs in place, there is an increasing interest in citizen science-based monitoring to assist tracking changes in mosquito populations.

Schools are a perfect foundation for programs that include mosquito monitoring and educational opportunities that use mosquitoes as a focal element of our ever changing environment. From a changing climate to initiatives to “green” our cities, mosquitoes will be an ever present part of our lives. Keeping their pest and public health threats to a minimum is essential.

This presentation will provide an overview of how citizen scientists have an opportunity to help keep the community safe, providing some practical demonstrations of monitoring equipment as well as a closer look at mosquitoes under the microscope.


BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Science Teachers Association of NSW Inc, DART Learning


Associate Professor Cameron Webb is a mosquito expert. He has spent the last 25 years sloshing about in swamps chasing mosquitoes. As well as undertaking research into local mosquitoes and their health risks, he has provided advice to local, state, and territory health authorities on how to sustainably reduce the pest and public health threats of mosquitoes. Cameron is regularly seen in local media speaking on the topic of mosquitoes and how best to beat their bites!

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