Media Literate Citizens
Museum of Australian Democracy explores the importance of media in our everyday lives. Students will practice their visual thinking skills, create a cartoon and consider how they engage with media.
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Virtual artmaking lesson with an Aboriginal artist
This interactive art making lesson is for students involved in The Arts Unit Home Program. Our featured artist for 2022 is Ngempa artist Andy Snelgar.
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Turtle Connections virtual learning experience
Join Great Barrier Reef Aquarium's Reef HQ for this free World Turtle Day celebration of marine turtles. Suitable for stages 1 - 5, this online event explores the Great Barrier Reef, the history of marine turtle, what threatens them and so much more.
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FREE - Teaching civics and citizenship: a parliamentary approach
Looking for ways to make civics and citizenship more dynamic, relevant and memorable? Experience the Parliamentary Education Office’s new professional learning workshop
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Know It Alls ABC
Adelaide, Chenelle and Marianne, your hosts, take one smart kid and one adequate adult on a fact-finding mission through a unique museum topic.
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Welcome to DART Learning

DART (Distance And Rural Technology) Learning is a service provided by the NSW Department of Education. Our website allows teachers, parents and students to find incredible LiveBy Request, or On Demand learning experiences offered by museums, galleries, research institutes, scientists, writers, athletes, artists, educational organisations, musicians, zoos and many more.

DART Learning provides access and equity to education by supporting teachers with online resources, allowing them to deliver quality effective lessons and learning experiences with productive educational outcomes.  Our excursions are designed to enrich curriculum across all student ages and all subject areas.

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