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Bush Christmas at Kamay – virtual lesson on Zoom

Experience a very Australian Christmas with us by meeting some of our native animal friends, creating exciting Australian art and exploring a story about Christmas in the bush.

Visit us at our house

A fun and interactive program where students learn about the Westminster system and how democracy developed in Australia, as well as how Parliament works and laws made

Visual Arts Episode 1 Series 1 Photography – Know It All ABC

Comedian Demi Lardner and Ruby go on a photography-finding mission to cram as many facts as they can at the National Gallery of Australia.

Earth Science Week Online 1hr Cartooning Session $6 per student

Let’s draw fish and animals in toonworld


Creatures and their features

Discover a range of creatures on the Great Barrier Reef. Learn how we group animals using their features and gain an understanding of how these features help animals survive in the marine environment.

Introduction to the Great Barrier Reef

Learn about the Great Barrier Reef, the important roles various creatures play within the Reef community, their adaptations and the threats facing their survival.

Social science is everywhere: An introduction for Australian secondary students

The social sciences impact how we live our daily lives, as well as how our society functions.

Eureka Stories: learn from inspiring scientists and science communicators

Students will join the conversation via livestream with three Eureka Prize finalists who will discuss their work in science, share their career journeys and celebrate their Eureka moments.

ARTiculate French Continuers and Extension – La Francophonie

Explore the French-speaking world including its meaning, origins and manifestation in different continents and legacy in contemporary France.

Media Literate Citizens

Explore the importance of media in our everyday lives. Students will practice their visual thinking skills, create a cartoon and consider how they engage with media.

Sound design: The power to simulate world building with ACTF and ACMI

Students are invited to learn with professional sound designers for a behind-the-scenes experience of the award winning Hardball series.