The Greatfulness wellbeing program was developed in 2018 and since this time has been taught to thousands of primary school children primarily within NSW.

The original 6 week program was designed specifically to support Stage 3 students with their transition to high school and provide them with a proactive ‘toolbox’ to support their mental health and wellbeing. Since this time, their range of programs have been extended to meet the needs of  Stage 1 and Stage 2 students as well.  The Greatfulness program has been reviewed by BE YOU BEYOND BLUE and is also endorsed by NESA.

The suite of  Greatfulness program’s  are based on concepts taken from positive psychology, mindfulness meditation, cognitive behaviour therapy, the science of gratitude, visualisation and lots more.  They provide a low-intensity, early intervention framework  to support the mental health and wellbeing of  primary school students.