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Praxical is a new learning initiative creating online workshops where everyone can experience science first hand. We provide everyday people with the opportunity to be a scientist, creating workshops where participants actively engage in the scientific tools used to solve society’s big questions. Our self-led workshops are crafted for participants from non-science backgrounds, stripping away the jargon and getting straight to the fun!


What Praxical workshops offer

Hands on science

Hands on engagement with tools and data that are used by leading scientific institutions across the Australia.

Instructions that suit every learning style

Praxical workshops offers scaffolded instructions, meaning that it offers a range of different instructions to suit your learning style. From providing simple tasks (if you like to figure out how to do it on your own) to instructional videos and step by step written instructions, this course will give everything you need to complete the activity.

Bite-sized workshop modules

The workshop has been broken up into 4 self-contained modules, that are stand alone, but also build upon each other in complexity. This makes it easy to stop throughout the workshop and pick it up at another time.