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‘Codium Message On a Bottle’ making with Erth

Live Event

Help save seaweeds by joining the team from Erth Visual & Physical Inc. to make a model Codium fragile, with a Message On a Bottle pledge to be part of the Inside the Tide exhibition at the at The Calyx in the heart of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

In this 30 minute workshop, delivered as part of Project Codium, students will learn how to use recycled plastic bottles to make a model of the seaweed Codium fragile!  Schools will be invited to submit their creations to be part of a captivating seaweed installation made of hundreds of student creations at the exhibition due to open December 2021.

Students will also be invited to scribe a Message On A Bottle pledge for how they will help protect seaweeds and play a part in protecting the beautiful coastlines surrounding Australia. These used bottles will not only be prevented from going into the ocean, they will be re-purposed to create a dramatic community awareness design to help protect amazing seaweed species that students and their families will be able to visit at The Calyx at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

This workshop is part of a series of Virtual Excursions offered to support students engaging with the online STEM program Project Codium but all new Seaweed scientists, protectors or innovators are welcome!

A little about Codium fragile

Codium fragile is a unique, native, branching form of seaweed, which is commonly known as Dead Mans Fingers!

Found along the Greater Sydney Coastlines, Codium fragile is extraordinary in its ability to produce oxygen and is an amazing ocean cleaner, absorbing nutrients and heavy metals helping our oceans stay healthy. Codium is an important part of the intertidal zone, where the ocean meets the land. It provides habitat for many different sea animals and is an integral part of the ocean food web.

The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust

Excursion Details

Excursion Type

Live Event - Scheduled


Erth Visual & Physical Inc. Designers

Date & Time

  19-Oct-2021    10:30AM


30 minutes




Requirements for this excursion

If students are learning from home, they will need – 

Internet connection
Own digital device

You will need the following materials

1 CLEAN empty plastic bottle (eg. milk, soft drink or juice bottle)
1 pair of scissors (sharp enough to be able to cut the plastic bottle)
1 paint brush
1 permanent marker
Acrylic water based Green paint

and an adult to help!

If you are dialling in from the classroom, you will need – 

A microphone so the presenter can hear the class. Please note that some laptop microphones are difficult to hear, and the positioning of the laptop is important for capturing sound.
A projector or smartboard that allows the students to see the presenter – your classroom smartboard is perfect for this.
Adequate sound volume (usually from your smartboard or external speakers). Laptop speakers are inadequate for your whole classroom to hear the presenter
The above materials per student

For more information about this excursion content

Name: Catherine Judd

Phone: 0455666415

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/learn/project-codium

Participating schools are invited to make up to 150 Codium Message on Bottle’s. 

To be part of the Codium installation at the Royal Botanic Gardens you need to register HERE. This gives Erth all the information they need to know to make your designs into the final Codium creation!

Getting your Codium Message on a Bottle to Earth

Participating schools will need to collect all student Codium models at school and email us here at the Royal Botanic Gardens and we will arrange pick up!

To enable this opportunity for as many schools as possible your school will be limited to supplying no more than 150 quality Codium Bottles.

Home school students you will need to post yours directly into Erth, so contact us  here at the gardens and we will send you the details

All designs need to be ready to be picked up by November 1 (earlier is better), as Inside the Tide opens along with your amazing creations in December, 2021!

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