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Wellbeing Week: Mpower- Become the MC

Live Event

M-power – Become the MC
Want your kids to do something fun, find out about hip-hop and learn from some of the best MCs around the world? This is the session for you.

One Vision Productions brings some of the best musicians globally to teach hip hop classes with front line specialists. ‘M-power’ aims to give students a toolkit to understand how to use their creative potential while staying in their passion and supporting their wellbeing.

We want to help all kids thrive by teaching them to connect with culture and creativity and helping them to find their voice.

Welcome to M-power – Become the MC – suitable for students in Stage/s 4 and 5. To checkout more about MPower head to: http://mpower.online

One Vision Productions- Mpower

Excursion Details

Excursion Type

Live Event - Scheduled


Mpower MC's

Contact Details

Date & Time

  12-Oct-2021    02:00PM


1 hour




Requirements for this excursion

This event will be delivered via YouTube Live.

Students will need their own computer, with good sound and video, a notebook to write in, and a way to record themselves e.g. an iPhone with standard Voice Record App, dictaphone or the video/voice recorder on their computer, with a standard computer  microphone or headphones mic.

Testing and Support

http://mpower.online for more information, or for technical support call  02 6685 5024

For more information about this excursion content

Name: Kate Coxall

Phone: 0428123316

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://mpower.online and http://onevisionproductions.com.au

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