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A Virtual Excursion to Bathurst – So, you want a dinosaur for a pet?

  11-Aug-2021      10:00AM
Live Event

Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum

With a T.rex looming overhead, this syllabus linked session will explore the living world and encourage students to look at how the science of palaeontology can be applied to a real life dilemma: You want a pet dinosaur and you need to know how to look after it.

In this session students will

Find out how fossils are formed
Learn about how palaeontologists know dinosaurs ever existed
See clues that help us understand what dinosaurs needed to survive in their environment
Compare dinosaurs to animals that are alive now and
Come up with a strategy to keep YOUR dinosaur as a pet.

NSW Science Syllabus Content

A student:

compares features and characteristics of living and non-living things

examines how the environment affects the growth, survival and adaptation of living things

BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Museums Bathurst

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Date & Time

  11-Aug-2021    10:00AM   + Google Calendar  + iCal Export

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Live Event - Scheduled

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Technology and Materials Requirements

This session will be delivered via Zoom

If you have any queries please contact the provider

Name: Penny Packham

Phone: 0263315511

Email: [email protected]

Website: museumsbathurst.com.au

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