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Newshounds: Teaching kids to be critical media consumers (Teacher, Parent)

On Demand

Want to teach primary students to recognise misinformation and disinformation when they come across it online? Find out about Newshounds and gain access to the first session IMMEDIATELY and for FREE.



This professional development video will introduce you to Newshounds by Squiz Kids, which leads into a series of podcasts.

We offer accompanying teacher guides and expensive classroom resources devised by the award-winning team of teachers and journalists behind Squiz Kids today, Australia’s premier daily news podcast for 8 to 12-year-olds.

The Newshounds media literacy program gives educators and parents essential tools to teach this increasingly important life skill and spark vital conversations along the way.

You will learn:
Why explicitly teaching recognising misinformation and disinformation is vital in our digital society,
How you can engage kids with authentic examples of fake news and
What FREE resources are available to you and your kids as you navigate social and traditional media packed with bias and agenda.

At this time Newshounds is FREE to schools and home educators in both Australia and New Zealand.



Event Details

Event Type

On Demand (available until: 30-Sep-2028 11:59PM)

Delivery Platform

Youtube Recording


36 Minutes





Syllabus Outcomes

Media Literacy

Main KLA, Strand, Sub Strand

Professional Development

Other KLAs

English » Making meaning through responding and composing » Reading and Viewing

English » Making meaning through responding and composing » Speaking and Listening

Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

Each session is mapped to the Australian and New Zealand Curriculums.

Session 1: Media and Me

Describe the ways in which a text reflects the time and place in which it was created (AC9E5/6 LY01); Use comprehension strategies such as visualising, predicting, connecting, summarising, monitoring and questioning to build literal and inferred meaning to evaluate information and ideas (AC9E5/6 LY05); Explore ways that media languages and media technologies are used in media arts works and practices across cultures, times, places and/or other contexts (AC9AMA6E01); Use appropriate interaction skills including paraphrasing and questioning to clarify meaning, make connections to own experience, and present and justify an opinion or idea (AC9E5/6 LY02)

Presenter Bio

Bryce Corbett – Bryce has been a journalist for over 25 years, has written four books, and worked in newsrooms in Sydney, London, and Paris. He started Squiz Kids in 2020 because he wanted all Aussie kids, including his own, to be curious about the world around them while learning to be critical consumers of media. In an age in which more and more of us are getting our news from our social media feeds – and those feeds are becoming narrower by the day as algorithms make judgments about our interests – he’s pretty sure that children who have a well-rounded, informed view of the world will be better prepared to succeed in it. Bryce has recently been awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study Media Literacy education worldwide.

Christie Kijurina – Christie is an educator who is passionate about supporting learners to develop skills to be confident, critical and creative individuals equipped to play an active and informed role in society. She has taught in both primary and high schools in Queensland, coming to education after careers in fashion retailing, hospitality and the automotive industries. Christie and her kids were avid daily listeners of the Squiz Kids News podcast before she joined the Squiz Kids team last year. She is living up to her mantra of being a lifelong learner, taking yet another new career twist in her mid-forties and loving it!

Joining The Event

Technology and Materials Requirements

Internet, device.

You may wish to download the Teacher Guide or Classroom Workbook before viewing the webinar. Links will be sent to you in the email with information on how to join the webinar.

If you have any queries please contact the provider

Name: Squiz Kids

Phone: +61425330266

Email: [email protected]

Website: squizkids.com.au

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