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Drama Life Skills – Accessible On-Demand Workshop (9 – 23rd May) (Preschool/Early Childhood, Early Stage 1, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5, Stage 6)

On Demand

In this on-demand workshop, students use drama techniques to help explore and manage new experiences and situations.


Meet facilitator Catherine who introduces us to the characters of Charlie, Cleo and Andy as they experience new situations in their everyday life. Charlie is the new kid in class; how will he settle in? Cleo is having a birthday party, but who will she invite? Andy is excited to go to the museum, but will he ever get to see the dinosaurs? And how will each of them shine on concert day?

With a focus on identifying and managing feelings, this workshop brings drama into the classroom and offers further opportunities for play and exploration with teachers, carers and peers. Make your own puppets and get exploring.

Designed especially for students who have additional needs, it is also suitable for students in early stages 1 and 2.


BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Sydney Opera House

Event Details

Event Type

On Demand (available until: 23-May-2023 11:59PM)

Delivery Platform

Youtube Recording


45 Minutes


This is a free workshop


Primary, Secondary

Main KLA, Strand, Sub Strand

Creative Arts » Drama » Making (role, dramatic contexts, elements and forms)

Other KLAs

English » Making meaning through responding and composing » Speaking and Listening

Creative Arts » Visual Arts » Making (Visual Arts)

Joining The Event

Technology and Materials Requirements

  • Link to Connect (Emailed to you in the days prior to the event by [email protected])
  • Internet connection and viewing device
  • Pre and Post workshop resources will be emailed to you (not required to engage with the event)

If you have any queries please contact the provider

NSW Department of Education

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