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Arludo Science Week: Spider Science (Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5)

Live Event

Join Arludo’s friendly neighbourhood spider biologist for Science Week spider fun!


Arachnophobia (the fear of spiders) is one of the most common fears among humans. However, these small eight-legged animals are just misunderstood. Meet your friendly neighbourhood spider biologist (who used to have arachnophobia!), Anastasia Shavrova, and give these small eight-legged animals another chance!

Anastasia studies the different behaviours of spiders and what they do to impress their mates. Did you know spiders are very artistic & colourful. They play music to each other either through drumming on the ground or plucking the web like a guitar, they have some cool dance moves to try and impress the ladies, and some spiders are so colourful they give birds a run for their seeds.

Anastasia observes these different behaviours and tries to understand why spiders evolve such interesting behaviours and what these behaviours are used for. Spiders aren’t just cool for their behaviour, their silk, which is stronger than steel, can be used to make different materials such as bulletproof vests, instrumental strings, bandages, and clothing.

In this Science Week special we will explore the wonderful life of a spider and perhaps you’ll even start to see how these animals are important to our environment and maybe not so scary after all.



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  17-Aug-2023    11:45AM   + Google Calendar  + iCal Export

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Live Event - Scheduled

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45 Minutes




Primary, Secondary

Main KLA, Strand, Sub Strand

Special Event

Presenter Bio

Anastasia Shavrova is an evolutionary biologist who studies the intricate world of animal mating and reproduction. Anastasia is an avid science communicator who has been featured in Splendour in the Grass, ABC Australia, and the Sydney Comedy Festival.

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