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Aboriginal Rangers Cultural Restoration Project

Indigenous Rangers in Esperance, WA present their scientific, research, & conservation activities.

Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! with Dhunghutti Humpty

Live Classroom event for Early Learning and Kindergarten. Sing and learn what Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! means in Aboriginal Language with the Dhunghutti Humpty.

NAIDOC Week – Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies

Explore our Collection with one of our expert Learning Facilitators as your guide. This program explores portraits of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander subjects.

First Nations Change Makers

How are you recognising NAIDOC week in your school?

NAIDOC Week – Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies

Experience one of our fun, curriculum-focused learning programs live from the National Portrait Gallery, especially programmed for homeschooled students.


Digital Talk with Karlie Noon 10:30am AEST 29th June Years 3-8

Join Karlie Alinta Noon this NAIDOC week for a talk about First Nations astronomy, astrophysics, STEM, creative thinking, problem solving and innovation.

First Nations Change Makers

How are you recognising National Reconciliation Week in your school?

National Sorry Day Aboriginal Rangers showcase Koalas

Aboriginal Rangers present their local conservation, research, wildlife, or land maintenance programs, and students can ask questions. Options to automatically create published books.

Know It Alls ABC

Adelaide, Chenelle and Marianne, your hosts, take one smart kid and one adequate adult on a fact-finding mission through a unique museum topic.

V10_Buthi Storybook

V10_Buthi Storybook is a series of activities providing online classroom resources and instruction in Aboriginal Language (acquisition) for preschool and Early Learning.

Aboriginal Rangers Steal Crocodile Eggs & STEAM writing

Conservation or Commerce – Indigenous Rangers in Kakadu National Park, NT present their scientific work, conservation activities, & why they steal crocodile eggs.

FREE Students’ create NAIDOC Books

Teachers automatically collect students’ content into collaborative digital books & PDF to print.


Our Shared Journey

Explore the artworks along Reconciliation Place, discover that Reconciliation is a journey and celebrate milestone achievements and acts of Indigenous resilience.

Turtles – Aboriginal Rangers & STEAM writing

Indigenous Rangers showcase their local scientific work, conservation activities, and the technologies used for research.

Food in Australia

Join our First Nations Educators to explore the timeline of Food in Australia!

Rights and Freedoms

Rights and Freedoms unpacks historical events to explore how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have used their voices to create change. 


Fight for Indigenous Rights

A Museum educator-led program where students investigate the struggle for Indigenous civil and political rights and freedoms in Australia, by exploring themes of rights, equality, and freedom.

First Contacts

Students will explore the impacts of colonisation on Indigenous peoples, specifically the Gadigal of Sydney Cove and clans of surrounding areas.



Bush Foods

Students will explore the different types of plants used and eaten by First Nation peoples. Learn how these foods can be used for more than food, for example medicine, art & artefacts.