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Media Literacy Week: Examining representations in children’s television

Media representations portray people, places and ideas; media literate students understand how and why these representations are constructed.

Media Literacy Week Virtual Excursion

Join the NFSA to celebrate Media Literacy Week!

This virtual excursion will build and strengthen students critical thinking skills through an exploration of media texts from our rich collection.

Media Literate Citizens

Explore the importance of media in our everyday lives. Students will practice their visual thinking skills, create a cartoon and consider how they engage with media.

Scriptwriting: the art of storytelling for the screen with ACTF and ACMI

Behind the scenes with MaveriX creators to learn about the process of bringing a story to life on screen.

Light and Colour: The power to create and influence mood with ACTF and ACMI

Students discover the importance of light and colour from animated episodes that brighten our world!

Character, story and animated worlds in Li’l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers

Go behind-the-scenes to learn about building story, characters and worlds when creating an animated television show.

Sound design: The power to simulate world building with ACTF and ACMI

Students are invited to learn with professional sound designers for a behind-the-scenes experience of the award winning Hardball series.