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The Big Issue Classroom


The Big Issue Classroom is a social enterprise initiative of The Big Issue, which provides homeless and disadvantaged Australians with work, allowing them to earn an income, regain confidence, and move on with their lives. We offer in person workshops in a central location in Sydney as well as online eClassrooms for schools.

All The Big Issue Classroom’s workshops provide students with a real-life insight into homelessness, marginalisation and disadvantage, as experienced by thousands of Australians every night. A specialist facilitator challenges stereotypes about homelessness and explains how The Big Issue helps people reconnect with the community. We then share a personal story of homelessness. For students of year 5 and above, this is a first-hand account from someone who has experienced homelessness personally. For younger primary students, we share an interactive illustrated version. Every workshop booked provides work for a disadvantaged Australian person, making The Big Issue Classroom truly A Classroom Experience That Makes a Difference.

The face-to-face workshops also include an interactive activity which gets the students thinking about the barriers that some people face. Both primary and secondary workshops are available. Please specify which workshop you would like. For a more detailed list of workshops, please visit our website www.thebigissue.org.au/the-big-issue-classroom-about/