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Sydney Water


Can you describe your water? Where did your water come from? What does it look like? Feel like? Taste like? What do want your drinking water to be like? In Sydney, we have some of the best drinking water in the world, it’s clean, safe, reliable, and affordable. We do up to 70 different tests on your drinking water to make sure it is safe.

Come explore with Sydney Water. Let’s stop, think and wonder about what water does, how we use it and why it’s so valuable to us every day. We’ll explore the features of water with experiments and discover how you have the power to manage our water for the future!

Learn about real world science being applied to water management daily from industry professionals and qualified science teachers. Take a look at lesson plans, interactive tools and hands on activity ideas that you learn and practice in the classroom or at home.


See how we show Stage 6 Chemistry theory in practice and how you can replicate real world science in the classroom. Our Depth Study topics include:

–     understanding the role of natural buffers in water treatment

–     application of separation techniques in water treatment

–     uses of polymers to protect public health and the environment.

Ask questions and share ideas

Our Water Chemistry Online page is a great place to ask about things you can’t find easily in your textbooks about water management and the water industry, or share your ideas and practical investigation findings 


For more resources visit our the education webpages on the Sydney Water website. We have lots of resources for:

–     Primary school

–     Stage 4 Geography and Science 

–     HSC Earth and Environmental Science

There’s lots to learn about water!