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ACMI is your museum of screen culture.
Navigate the universe of film, TV, video games and art with us.

Our creative learning programs engage students of all ages.
We provide unique experiences supporting learning across the curriculum.

ACMI is recognised as a leader in the interpretation and use of digital, screen and emerging technologies in the classroom across multiple curriculum outcomes. Our specialised, highly skilled educators consistently deliver programs that extend and enhance classroom learning. Established in 2001 and located in Federation Square, Melbourne, ACMI plays a vital part in the city’s role as a global cultural destination driven by creativity and innovation.

ACMI is the most successful museum of its kind in the world attracting millions of visitors to our museum and our touring exhibitions, nationally and internationally. As a multi-platform museum, we prioritise meaningfully connecting and communicating with schools, both onsite and online.

Our creative learning opportunities build screen, media and digital literacy, extend creative and practical skills, and develop agency in response to the power of the moving image in our lives.
Teachers and students across Australia can connect with ACMI programs through our virtual lessons, online resources and webinar program. Sign up to the ACMI Education e-newsletter to keep up to date with new and special programs.