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Student Digital Workbook technology, students document any learning into printable digital books to showcase their work, enrich lessons, include in portfolios, gift, or sell.

  1. Teachers collect students’ content into automatically formatted collaborative Class books, or
  2. Students interview themselves or people in their family/community (or anywhere) and automatically create primary-source published books.
Instead of students writing into blank Word/Doc pages, they use our template pages, question prompts, speech-to-text (most languages), and contributions from invited others, and all content is automatically formatted into published books they are proud to present.
Students have agency and differentiated ways to collect and showcase their work.
The inquiry and interview process develops 21st century skills, career pathways, passions, literacy, and Social-Emotional Learning.
Students’ content enriches lessons with original authentic content, audio files, and images. Books can be graded, included in portfolios, gifted, and sold for fundraising.
Free teacher and student training, although all instructions are within the book-creating dashboard.
Google for Education and AWS (Amazon) partner and comply with all privacy and data storage requirements.