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The NSW Department of Education has recently implemented a Restricted Mode for YouTube videos for K-10 students.

Restricted Mode is a safer viewing option in YouTube that filters unsafe content based on the video’s metadata, title, and the language used in the video. This ensures inappropriate content containing violence, nudity, sex or drug references is filtered out.

You can access more information on this on the Google Support Website.

As a provider, we suggest selecting the mode ‘made for kids’ when publishing a video to YouTube or if the Channel is designated Made for Kids.

To access YouTube videos, teachers should log into their YouTube account using their Google credentials ([email protected]). Once logged in, they can then go to the drop-down menu and switch between restricted and unrestricted modes.

Students accessing YouTube from home will still be able to view all videos if they aren’t signed in with their DoE account. Only when logged in is their content restricted.