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Women In The Space Sector – QA with Jenny Mortimer & Zandria Farrell – Australian Space Agency (Stage 4, Stage 5, Stage 6, TAFE Students)

On Demand

Ever thought about becoming part of Australia’s space workforce?
How would starting such a career begin?


Making space for Australia’s future.
Open the minds of students as to how high they can go & what activities can be explored now that will help prepare for a career journey in the space industry.

Q&A with Associate Professor Jenny Mortimer from the University of Adelaide – View & hear about:
Working in the plant synthetic biology sector & studying how plants can help humans survive in space, particularly on the surface of the Moon or Mars.
• Starting with her curiosity for how the natural world around us grows.
• Overall research is a team effort & such as how do you keep humans alive on say Mars for example, whilst research is being gathered.
• What’s an average day look like? (Average isn’t how she’d describe her days)

Q&A with Zandria Farrell, Bureau of Meteorology – View & hear about:
Leading the Bureau’s space weather section, which helps the space industry better understand & respond to the effects of space weather on space activities.
Not having thought about space, hear how her career took this turn.

*Hit the booking button to receive – Links to videos + downloadable resources + Take the Online Quiz: Which space career is right for you? Each video runs for approx. 45 mins


BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Australian Space Agency

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On Demand (available until: 26-Feb-2027 11:30PM)

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Youtube Recording


45 Minutes





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Science and Tech » Physical World 7-10

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Science and Tech » Biology

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If you have any queries please contact the provider

Name: Australian Space Agency Team

Phone: 1800 497 182

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.space.gov.au/about-agency

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