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Wellbeing Week: [email protected]

Live Event


The [email protected] team are joining in the Wellbeing Week celebrations with a fun, energetic and star studded special episode.

Adam, Elissa, Sam, Victor, Teresa and Michelle will lead students through their favourite physical activity challenges while sharing tips on how physical activity can support wellbeing. Students will be able to participate in the challenges at both home and school. Australian sporting champions will also join in the fun and share their own stories of how physical activity helps their cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Students will need a medium sized ball, a chair, drink bottle, a tennis ball and a pair of socks…… and be ready to have some fun while moving!

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School Sport Unit, NSW Department of Education

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This event will be delivered via YouTube Live.
To attend this event, you will require internet connection. 

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Name: School Sport Unit

Phone: 0447 285 388

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://app.education.nsw.gov.au/sport/

There are 17 [email protected] episodes to engage students in K-2 and 3-6. These episodes are available in the Teacher Resource Hub on the School Sport Unit website. The [email protected] resources are available to support teachers and parents/carers in keeping students active either at home or to supplement Physical Education programs at school.  The episodes and teacher resources are linked to the NSW PDHPE syllabus.

Some of the [email protected] videos/episodes and learning activities have been compiled into stage specific PowerPoints and broken down into a 3 week program with a daily focus/task. They are intended to be used in a weekly remote learning unit of work to have students “more active, more often”, and to support schools in providing students with 150 minutes of physical activity each week as outlined in the Department of Education’s Sport and Physical Activity policy. They are not a sequential unit of work and can be completed in any order.

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