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Wellbeing Week: Be Kind to Your Mind – with Smiling Mind

Live Event

After long periods of time impacted by lockdowns and learning from home, students will boost their wellbeing by learning skills in being kind to ourselves and kind with each other. These topics will be explored using mindfulness and movement exercises.

The session will be delivered as part of the DART Learning Wellbeing Week and is suitable for all primary students from Years 1-6.

For more information about Smiling Mind’s wide range of programs available for schools, visit our website.

If you’d like to add a wellbeing pause into your day, download the free Smiling Mind app.

This session will be available until the end of October.  Once you register, you will be sent all the links to join and watch this event.  If you are having difficulties viewing this event, please contact [email protected]

Smiling Mind

Excursion Details

Excursion Type

Live Event - Scheduled



Mary Morrison and Zach Edwards

Contact Details

Date & Time

  12-Oct-2021    10:30AM


Approx. 30 minutes




Requirements for this excursion

To attend this event, you will require internet connection.
This event will be delivered via YouTube live.

Students will need a small amount of space to join in with the mindful movement exercises. No special equipment is required to participate in the session, but students may wish to have a pencil and paper handy.

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Name: Smiling Mind

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.smilingmind.com.au

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