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Scientists, Soil and Little Worlds (Stage 4, Stage 5)

On Demand

Join Questacon to build a terrarium and learn all about ecology, urban green spaces and sustainability from some inspiring Women in STEM.


In our first video (one hour), you and your class will learn about ecosystems and make your very own ecosystem – in the form of a terrarium – using items you can find around the house.

Along the way you’ll hear from four incredible women in STEM working for CSIRO, Dr Jenna Wraith, Dr Tara Zamin, Bindi Browning, and Bianca Das as they share their knowledge about soil, sustainability and ecosystems in Australia and around the world.

A list of materials you will require for this activity and some instructions can be found in the instructions tab under “further information.”

In our second video (20 mins) join us for a more in-depth conversation with our four CSIRO scientists to find out what it is actually like to be a scientist working in ecology, conservation, and education. You’ll also hear how our scientists are finding ways to solve some of the challenges facing our environment to ensure a sustainable future, as well as some changes you and your class can make to support them in doing so.

These activities align to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Each video is approximately 40 minutes in duration.


BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre

Event Details

Event Type

On Demand

Delivery Platform

Youtube Recording


1 Hour 20 Minutes





Main KLA, Strand, Sub Strand

Science and Tech » Physical World 7-10

Joining The Event

Technology and Materials Requirements

Access and connection to YouTube.

More Information About This Event


In the first webinar students will be learning about how we can protect and improve urban ecosystems by having more greenery in the homes either through a terrarium that they will build.

To Build the Terrarium

The main activity for this webinar is to build a terrarium.
To do this participants will need:

A  large plastic bottle, cut in half across the middle. Please note: we highly recommend that either an adult cut the bottle in half or that it is done under strict adult supervision.

Approximately one cup of each of the following per participant:

Potting mix (suitable for chosen plants)


Small plants of your choosing (succulents or herbs etc)

The Webinar will be available as OnDemand content after the event so if you wish to watch the Webinar and build the terrarium at a later time you will still be able to access the content.


In the second video

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