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Science in the Swamp

On Demand

Venture into the depth of Centennial Park’s Lachlan Swamp and meet all its inhabitants – from the smallest insects to the beautiful flying foxes that call the highest tree branches their home.

Follow our 360 tour through one of Sydney’s most important wetland and find out why it is so important for our environment and what you can do to keep it save.

On your way, you will find great activities that you can do in your local park, your backyard, or next time you are out in nature.

Are you a Swamp Scientist – test your knowledge in our Swamp quiz!

The content will be available 14 August – 11 October.

This program is part of Greater Sydney Parklands’ virtual event From Swamp to Scrub – an initiative supported by the Australian Government as part of National Science Week 2021.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY: From Swamp to Scrub with Greater Sydney Parklands

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On Demand (available until: 11-Oct-2021 05:00PM)

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