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Properties of Materials (Early Stage 1, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3)

  24-Mar-2022      09:30AM
Live Event

What do scientists do when they test materials? What are they looking for? Learn about the variety of applications of materials research in everyday objects!


Find out how solids, liquids and gases change when rapidly heated and cooled. How is nanotechnology being used in the modern world? This science show covers phase changes, expansion and contraction, heat conduction, nanotechnology, polymers, materials science and more.

Suitable for: Primary years K – 6.


$200 inc GST per session with up to 30 students.
$300 inc GST per session with up to 60 students.
$400 inc GST per session with up to 90 students.

Multiple schools/groups may be booked into each session. If you would like an exclusive session for your cohort, please let us know upon booking.


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Event Details

Date & Time

  24-Mar-2022    09:30AM   + Google Calendar  + iCal Export

Event Type

Live Event - Scheduled

Delivery Platform

Zoom, (We can also present on a platform of your choice, please see Online Science Classes – Terms and Conditions for details.)


1 Hour


$200 inc GST per session with up to 30 students

$300 inc GST per session with up to 60 students

$400 inc GST per session with up to 90 students

Payment Instructions

After booking your place, you will receive an email from us to confirm dates, times and session numbers. Once locked in, an invoice will be emailed to you.



Syllabus Outcomes

ST2-6PW, ST2-12MW, ST2-13MW

Main KLA, Strand, Sub Strand

Science and Tech » Working Scientifically and Design and Production » Material World

Other KLAs

Science and Tech » Working Scientifically and Design and Production » Chemical World

Science and Tech » Working Scientifically and Design and Production » Physical World

Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

A student:

Identifies ways heat is produced and that heat moves from one object to another (ST2-6PW).
Identifies that adding or removing heat causes a change of state between solids and liquids (ST2-12MW).
Identifies the physical properties of natural and processed materials, and how these properties influence their use (ST2-13MW).
Describes everyday interactions between objects that result from contact and non-contact forces (ST2-7PW).
Identifies then observable properties of solids, liquids & gases, and that changes to materials are reversible or irreversible (ST3-12MW).
Describes how the properties of materials determines their use for specific purposes (ST3-13MW).

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations less than 7 days prior to the event will incur 100% of the booking charge.

Terms and Conditions

Will This Event Be Recorded?

No - This will only be available at the designated date & time (24-Mar-2022 09:30AM).

Joining The Event

Technology and Materials Requirements

After your booking is finalised, we will send out a materials list that details the experiments that you will run in your classroom. These inexpensive science materials are readily accessible in any supermarket and make the video conference more interactive and engaging for students. Please check these details carefully.

A tax invoice will be forwarded on to you for your school administration.

Please let us know dates and times that fit you and we will create a session that fits your schedule.

Connecting To The Event

Once your booking has been finalised, we will send you a password-protected meeting room link if the incursion is hosted by Fizzics Education. If you are hosting the incursion on your Zoom account or other platforms, please send us the joining instructions.

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Properties of Materials

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