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Life in the past …. stinks! (Stage 1)

  17-Mar-2022      02:00PM
Live Event

In the past, some of the daily chores and work people had to had to do were a bit smelly, some were really hard work, and others…well they really, really stink!



We know life in the past was very different to today.

But how we know what we know is just as important as what we know. Using evidence from documents, images and oral history can help us better understand what life was like, in the past, for different people.

While we can’t go back in time, we can still visit some of the places where people once lived and worked.

Come along and see what life was like for:

a servant working at Vaucluse House mansion in the 1860s
a farm hand working at Rouse Hill Estate in the 1870s
a mum living at Susannah Place, in Sydney’s Rocks area, in the 1920s

But who had the worst job? And what different technologies or resources did people use in the past, to do jobs that are still done today?


BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Sydney Living Museums (Historic Houses Trust)

Event Details

Date & Time

  17-Mar-2022    02:00PM

Event Type

Live Event - Scheduled

Delivery Platform



45 Minutes





Syllabus Outcomes

HT1-1, HT1-3, HT1-4

Main KLA, Strand, Sub Strand

HSIE » History » Past and Present (Stage 1 - Year 1 and 2)

Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

Present and Past Family Life

Key inquiry questions:

How has family life changed or remained the same over time?
How can we show that the present is diffference from or similar to the past?

The Past in the Present

Key inquiry questions:

What aspects of the past can you see today?
How have changes in technologies shaped our daily lives?


HT1-1 Communicates an understanding of change and continuity in family life using appropriate historical terms
HT1-3 Described the effect of changing technology on people’s lives over time
HT1-4 Demonstrates skills of historical inquiry and communication

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