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Let’s learn about the Living World! (8-week Ingenious Program)

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Who said you can’t discover the living world around you from home? Arludo’s revolutionary apps and e-worksheets says you can. From single or multiplayer games to online group games that use augmented reality, to applications revolving around problem-based learning, each unique app allows the students to explore a singular topic aligned with the Australian curriculum. This 8-week program fosters student-centred learning to encourage the development of a student’s scientific skills and interest in the world around us.

This program was designed by Associate Professor Michael Kasumovic along with a team of biologists at UNSW. Michael began his quest to figure out a way to excite disengaged students. The Ingenious Program by Arludo provides an interactive, all-inclusive course where students actively ask questions, answer polls and collect their own first-hand data through augmented reality apps. Teachers can say goodbye to the repetitive risk assessments surrounding each experiment and get on with the fun, even at home with Arludo!

Students learn about evolution, animal behaviour and how our environment affects the growth, survival, and adaptation of living things through a series of Arludo videos delivered by evolutionary biologists at UNSW. E-worksheets that incorporate literacy and numeracy activities are included in this course to help you check for student learning and progress. We understand all students have unique learning needs, so we’ve made sure our worksheets are flexible to meet the individual learning requirements of different students. You know your students best, so we’ve made it easy for you to differentiate our questions. At Arludo, we also automatically collect and visualise your student data for you into graphs and charts so you can spend more time discussing the results with your students. By the way, we do all the marking for you – you’re welcome.

To the teachers, we know you’re busy and may be concerned about the prep work. All you need to do is read our Arludo blog for each week and that’s it! It will take no longer than 5 minutes.


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NSW Syllabus Outcomes: Science K-10

A student:

  • ST2-11LW describes ways that science knowledge helps people understand the effect of their actions on the environment and on the survival of living things
  • ST3-10LW describes how structural features and other adaptations of living things help them to survive in their environment
  • ST3-11LW describes some physical conditions of the environment and how these affect the growth and survival of living things
  • SC4-14LW relates the structure and function of living things to their classification, survival and reproduction
  • SC4-15LW explains how new biological evidence changes people’s understanding of the world


Working Scientifically Outcomes: K-10

A student:

  • ST2-4WS investigates their questions and predictions by analysing collected data, suggesting explanations for their findings, and communicating and reflecting on the processes undertaken
  • ST3-4WS investigates by posing questions, including testable questions, making predictions, and gathering data to draw evidence-based conclusions and develop explanations
  • SC4-4WS identifies questions and problems that can be tested or researched and makes predictions based on scientific knowledge
  • SC4-5WS collaboratively and individually produces a plan to investigate questions and problems
  • SC4-6WS follows a sequence of instructions to safely undertake a range of investigation types, collaboratively and individually
  • SC4-7WS processes and analyses data from a first-hand investigation and secondary sources to identify trends, patterns and relationships, and draw conclusions
  • SC4-8WS selects and uses appropriate strategies, understanding and skills to produce creative and plausible solutions to identified problems
  • SC4-9WS presents science ideas, findings and information to a given audience using appropriate scientific language, text types and representations



Requirements for this excursion

Internet access, Smartphone, Computer

Testing and Support

Child safety is really important to us at Arludo. Legal jargon can get confusing, so we wanted to be upfront and clear on some things:

We don’t use ads. Ever.
We don’t sell information to anyone. Ever.
We don’t ask you to log in during our games, and therefore, have no way to track you. We feel this is the best way to maintain the privacy of all students.
We collect anonymous information on the choices you make during gameplay and store that information using Amazon Web Servers so that we can visualise the data for you in class.
All the links within our games are to our website only and sometimes to some of our collaborators that have helped create our games.

For our full privacy policy read here.

For more information about this excursion content

Name: Michael Kasumovic

Phone: 0401 090 071

Email: [email protected]

Website: arludo.com

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School Incursions
We offer school incursions on-site or through video conferences which are filled with interactive fun! Delivered by Associate Professor Michael Professor and a team of evolutionary biologists, your students are encouraged to ask questions, be creative and think like a scientist!

Find out more by contacting Michael at [email protected]

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