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How We Remember (Stage 3, Stage 4)

On Demand

A virtual experience of four significant memorials on Anzac Parade.


Take a closer look at 4 thought provoking memorials:
• The Australian Hellenic Memorial
• The Australian Army Memorial
• The Royal Australian Navy Memorial
• The Kemal Ataturk Memorial

Take this unique guided tour where you’re invited to investigate and interpret the symbolisms used in these memorials. And the fascinating stories of service, sacrifice and our national pride.
Find out why Anzac Parade is situated where it is.

*Teachers are invited to take advantage of video prompts to pause and brainstorm with your students what each of the symbols mean and what else has been used in these memorials and the meaning behind it.


BROUGHT TO YOU BY: National Capital Authority

Event Details

Event Type

On Demand

Delivery Platform

Youtube Recording


25 Minutes



Syllabus Outcomes


Main KLA, Strand, Sub Strand

HSIE » History » Australian History: Colonials and National (Stage 3 - Year 5 and 6)

Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

To understand that symbols and emblems have potent meaning for different groups of people.

• Students develop an understanding of the shared values of “active citizenship.”
• To recognise that active citizenship provides rights and freedoms but also comes with responsibility and obligations.
• Students in unpacking the symbols and signs along Anzac Parade discover how we honour active service in Australian Society.
• To recognise how freedom, responsibility and respect can promote cohesion in Australian society.
• Students develop an appreciation that the sacrifices made in the past have shaped Australian Identity.

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