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How to make friends (and then plunder their gold!) (Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5)

By Request

How will you amass the greatest treasure? Plunder your enemies? Or trust your friends? Learn all about the risks and rewards of cooperation and competition in this thrilling game for the whole class.


Trust makes the world go around, so learning how to make good decisions about trust is a vital skill for life.
In this workshop students play ‘Bards and Bandits’ against their classmates, organically testing their intuitions and ideas about who to trust and why to trust them, and developing social strategies to emerge victorious!
Facilitated by Mark, a psychology researcher, students then interpret the real-time game data from their own class to discuss and learn about how trust is built and lost, reputation and consequences, risk and reward, and ultimately develop a better understanding of their peers and the world around them.
More schemes than game of thrones, guaranteed!



Event Details

Event Type

Live Event - By Request

Delivery Platform



50 Minutes


Cost: $270 up to 30 students/$320 up to 60 students/$370 up to 90 students/$50 per additional class up to 30 students (exc. GST)

Payment Instructions

Booked groups will be invoiced after the date of their virtual incursion



Main KLA, Strand, Sub Strand

Science and Tech

Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

• Questioning and Predicting
• Conducting Investigations
• Processing and Analysing Data and Information
• Problem-Solving
• Communicating

• PSY5-3 describes diversity and variation on the nature of personality, disease, disorders, intelligence and creativity and their influence on human behaviour
• PSY5-4 explains a range of psychological theories and identifies the application of these theories to everyday life
• PSY5-5 demonstrates an understanding of the importance of ethics in psychology, research and the interpretation of data
• PSY5-6 recognises the applications and influence of psychology in popular culture and its importance to social factors
• PSY5-7 examines suitable research methods including procedures and critical analysis when completing action based learning
• PSY5-8 communicates psychological information and ideas using appropriate written, oral and visual forms.

Behaviour and Engagement:
• S4: Relationships and Wellbeing
• S5: Respectful Relationships

Cancellation Policy

Full Terms and Conditions here: https://arludo.com/virtual-incursions-tcs/

Terms and Conditions

Full Terms and Conditions here: https://arludo.com/virtual-incursions-tcs/

Joining The Event

Once you have booked this event, instructions to connect will appear on this Joining the Event tab. You will also receive a confirmation via email.

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Requirements: Technology, Materials and Pre and Post event requirements.

Either a smartphone, tablet, or computer for students to play Bards & Bandits on, either individually or as a group. Bards & Bandits can be downloaded for free from App Store or Google Play.

This virtual incursion will run via Zoom. A device with internet connectivity with the capability of streaming video is required.

Attendees can choose to have their cameras enabled or disabled, but all microphones will be muted.

The incursion will include a live presentation and time for a Q&A. Questions can either be submitted as part of your DART booking form or in the Zoom chat.

All student participants must be supervised by a teacher or parent/guardian for this virtual incursion.

Connecting To The Event

A Zoom link will be emailed closer to the event date

Presenter Bio

Mark is a psychology researcher whose work investigates new ways of treating social anxiety in stutterers using Oxytocin.

If you have any queries please contact the provider

Name: Arludo

Phone: Send us an email!

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://arludo.com/

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