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Going Places at Kamay – Virtual lesson on Zoom

Live Event

During the lesson Stage 1 students will:

  • Identify human and natural features of a garden through story and pictures.
  • Show how we take care of plants and places.
  • Notice human and natural features at Kamay Botany Bay National Park with Google Earth.
  • Design a fantasy garden with human and natural features.
  • Create a nature map of their fantasy garden using natural materials.

This lesson explores concepts and practices through a variety of educational, fun, and hands-on activities, using an interactive platform with Environmental Education teachers

Cost: Free

Kamay Botany Bay Environmental Education Centre

Excursion Details

Excursion Type

Live Event - Scheduled


Jan Rasborsek

Date & Time

  29-Nov-2021    12:30PM


1 hour




Requirements for this excursion

The virtual lesson will be via Zoom. Once the booking is confirmed a link to Zoom will be sent.

Teachers will need a whiteboard, laptop, webcam or tablet to access the Zoom lesson.

Students will need A3 paper to design and draw a map in groups. They will need crayons and pencils.

Students will need several sticks, rocks, leaves, and other natural materials to create the nature map.

Other materials such as wooden blocks, pencils, crayons, recycled paper, and rulers can be used if natural materials are not available.

Students can work in small groups of 2-6 to design and draw their fantasy garden.

Students can stay in their group to create a nature map of their fantasy garden.

For more information about this excursion content

Name: Rebecca Ward

Phone: 9668 9889

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://botanybay-e.schools.nsw.gov.au/

Syllabus outcomes covered:

GE1-1 Describes features of places and the connections people have with places

GE1-3 Communicates geographical information and uses geographical tools for inquiry


Payment Instructions

This is FREE lesson

Cancellation Policy

Our school holds limited seating, and many of our classes sell out. For this reason, we request that you cancel at least 72 hours before your scheduled lesson. This will allow us to offer your spot to another school.

You may call us at 02 9668 9889 or email [email protected] to cancel.

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