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Encryption Decryption (Year 6-10)

Live Event

This session is best suited for students in Year 6 (Stage 3) – Year 10 (Stage 5)

Join Questacon as we explore how and why encryption has been used in the past with the historical Caesar and Vigenère ciphers. Participants will have a chance to encode and decipher top secret messages.
Participants will also be shown how modern day encryption is used to keep their information safe online.

Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre


Requirements for this excursion

Once you make a booking, you will receive a confirmation email containing the details required for participating, including a materials list and connection details.

Testing and Support

Please use the Zoom testing room here: https://zoom.us/test

For more information about this excursion content

Name: Leisha Duncan - Digital Outreach Coordinator

Phone: 02 6222 2262

Email: [email protected]

Students will be creating their own encoded messages and will have the opportunity to crack some of our top secret messages in this 60 minute virtual excursion.

A Teacher Resource and Student Resource containing a printable version of a Caesar Cipher Wheel and a Vigenère Cipher will be sent to you to distribute to attendees.


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