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Deep dive into Dead Mans Fingers, Q and A with Dr Metti

  11-Oct-2021      10:30AM
Live Event

Understanding Codium fragile (commonly known as Dead Mans Fingers) with seaweed expert Dr Yola Metti

Dr Metti is a Phycologist, a scientist who studies a group of plants called algae.

An algae that you might be familiar with is Seaweed!

The focus of this FREE virtual excursion is to give your students an opportunity to ‘Ask an Expert’ all of their burning questions from their Design Thinking  journey in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney’s STEM program Project Codium.

Project Codium students are working together to address the challenge

How might we build community awareness to protect Codium fragile and the intertidal ocean zone in which it lives? 

Student designs will have the opportunity to be part of the “Inside the Tide” exhibition opening at The Calyx, in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney in December 2021

To do a great job of designing and making a Community Awareness solution it is important that students research and understand the species they are going to tell the world about.

Virtual Excursion Structure

10.30 -10.50am Dr Metti will talk about the classification, adaptations and unique features and role of Codium fragile in the intertidal ocean zone.

10.50 -11.10am Student Q and A time (it would be helpful if your class had 2 or 3 questions prepared so students really drill into what they want to know)

As part of the Project Codium – Saving Seaweeds STEM program students can also join the

  • ‘First Nations Caring for Sea Country’ Virtual Excursion
  • ‘How to Make a Codium Message on a Bottle’ Virtual Excursion and create a unique Codium Bottle for inclusion in the ‘Inside the Tide” exhibition at the Calyx

To stimulate student thinking and build understanding of Codium fragile, it’s habitat and threats, watch our Project Codium movie found HERE


BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Botanic Gardens of Sydney

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Date & Time

  11-Oct-2021    10:30AM   + Google Calendar  + iCal Export

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Live Event - Scheduled

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Technology and Materials Requirements

Internet connection• A microphone so the presenter can hear the class. Please note that some laptop microphones are difficult to hear, and the positioning of the laptop is important for capturing sound.• A projector or smartboard that allows the students to see the presenter – your classroom smartboard is perfect for this.• Adequate sound volume (usually from your smartboard or external speakers). Laptop speakers are inadequate for your whole classroom to hear the presenter

If you have any queries please contact the provider

Name: Catherine Judd

Phone: 0455 666 415

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/learn/project-codium

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