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Cook and Banks: Charting the Great Southern Land

Live Event

Join the Australian National Maritime Museum on an investigation of the fascinating story behind Cook and Banks’ voyage on the HMB Endeavour across the Pacific to the rumoured Great Southern Land. Discover why they embarked on such a momentous three year voyage, where they stopped along the way and what the conditions on-board HMB Endeavour were really like.

Learn more about the significant contributions of the expert navigator and skilled cartographer, Lieutenant James Cook, along with the young botanist Joseph Banks with his party of scientists and artists.

We invite stage 2 students to be part of a discussion about the outcome of the voyage and encourage you to look deeper into how it changed Australian History.

This session can also be run on other days by request. https://dartlearning.org.au/excursion/cook-and-banks-charting-the-great-southern-land/

Australian National Maritime Museum

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Live Event - Scheduled


Megan Baehnisch

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  27-Jul-2021    01:00PM


Sessions are approximately 45 minutes in duration


$50 per class of 30 (single camera)


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Website: https://www.sea.museum/learn/school-excursions/virtual-excursions/cook-and-banks

This session contains links to  Stage 2 History Syllabuses and covers content specifically related to the year 4 Australian Curriculum.

It focuses on the journey led by Lieutenant James Cook and Joseph Banks onboard the HMB Endeavour, including the charting of the East coast of Australia in 1770. It discusses their interactions with first peoples in the Pacific and Australia and the lasting impacts of the voyage.

If your class require a specific focus please let us know at time of booking and we can adapt the presentation to suit your program of study.


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