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Career Advice: Gary Jubelin – Homicide Detective (Stage 4, Stage 5, Stage 6, TAFE Students, Teacher, Parent)

On Demand

Gary is one of Australia’s most decorated homicide detectives. Learn about the world of policing.


William Tyrell’s disappearance. Three Aboriginal children missing in Bowraville. Terry Falconer, asphyxiated and cut up.

These are just some of the cases that Gary Jubelin has investigated. Gary is one of Australia’s most decorated homicide detectives. And now he’s sitting down with Ikigai Network to take you inside the world of policing.

Hear about the chilling cases he’s cracked, the exact skillset he uses to solve murders and why it’s so rewarding. Learn how to maintain your mental health in a high stress job and various paths open in policing.

Gary also pivoted his career, going from knowing nothing about media, to writing the best selling true crime book in the country, starting his own explosively successful podcast ‘I Catch Killers’ and appearing on ’60 Minutes’ and national television.

Hear Gary’s incredible story and forthright advice. Only on Ikigai Network.


BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Ikigai Network

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Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

Learning Intentions:

  • Understand what a homicide detective does and if it is the right job for you

Success Criteria

  • Learn how a detective solves a murder
  • Learn how to run a hit podcase
  • Understand the importance of leadership in the Police Force

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