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Biodiversity and Pollinators

Live Event

This free interactive and recurring webinar series focuses on the importance of biodiversity and pollinators, particularly Australian native stingless bees. The webinar is scheduled every Friday at 1.30. Students have the opportunity to participate in polls and can follow-up by providing work samples that will be displayed on the accompanying Biodiversity and Pollinators website. The event is hosted by Observatory Hill EEC with involvement from guest speakers from the B&B Highway Project, and bee experts.

Observatory Hill EEC

Excursion Details

Excursion Type

Live Event - Scheduled


Observatory Hill EEC Staff

Date & Time

  15-Oct-2021    01:30PM


Approx 40 mins




Requirements for this excursion

Participants require internet and Zoom access. All learning materials will be provided.

Testing and Support

Contact Observatory Hill EEC on 9247 7321 for technology support.

For more information about this excursion content

Name: Glen Halliday

Phone: 0400230699

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://observatoryhilleec.schools.nsw.gov.au/online-learning.html

This webinar series features three key topics which cycle across three weeks:

Session 4 – Plants and Pollinators –  We will learn about the link between the life cycle of plants and pollinators. Students will learn about a variety of different plants and pollinators.

Session 5  – Flying Foxes – We will learn about the life cycle of the flying fox as well as how far these amazing flying mammals can travel. During this webinar students will create an origami flying fox and learn about the amazing features of this creature.

Session 6 – Native Australian stingless bees – Students will learn about native plants and pollinators and why they are so important in nature. We will learn the link between biodiversity of plants and animals and create a recyclable paper pot.

Student can join any or all of the sessions.

The accompanying website provides the Zoom link and information of any materials needed for each session.


Payment Instructions

These webinars are free .

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