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Antidote – Where do we go from here? – First Nations, Humanities & Social Science Years 9-12 (Stage 5, Stage 6)

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With growing momentum to enact the Uluru Statement from the Heart, is a meaningful change for First Nations people and our country finally really on the agenda?


What’s next for First Nations peoples and all Australians?

With a new federal parliament, which includes a historically significant contingent of First Nations people, and with the Uluru Statement from the Heart firmly on the national agenda, this First Nations-led panel will set out what needs to happen to both realise its goals and to change the heart of all Australians. “Where Do We Go From Here?” is a question Dr Martin Luther King asked in his final book.

Australia has to ask the same question. This panel looks at the future of all Australians, including First Nations peoples. Building on whatever momentum we might have right now, what needs to change in our politics, our society, our culture? And what needs to change in our sense of ourselves as a nation, as a community?


BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Sydney Opera House

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Aboriginal Culture and History

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