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Antidote – A Higher Calling – Career-Oriented Content – Years 9 – 12 (Stage 5, Stage 6)

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These high-achievers sacrificed successful careers in journalism to take up the rigorous study necessary to become medical doctors.


The kind of frank talk that we need to hear

Lisa Pryor was a lawyer and a columnist until one night in an emergency ward she decided to enter medicine. Now, she is a psychiatry registrar. Amy Coopes was a journalist dispatched to prison cells, natural disaster aftermaths, and to meet victims of violent crimes. After spending so long speaking to the human face of tragedy, she left the newsroom to pursue medicine. They speak to Norman Swan, who famously switched from medicine to journalism, about what compelled them to abandon successful careers in order to embark on the arduous years of training to become doctors.

In light of the pandemic’s revelations of the essential nature of healthcare workers, this will be a compelling conversation about individual versus social ambitions, the nature of this ultra-demanding profession, and the gifts of service.


BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Sydney Opera House

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