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Wellbeing Week: All Systems Go

Live Event

Life Education’s ‘All Systems Go’ module focuses on the human body; its uniqueness and what is needed to keep it healthy. This session helps students understand why maintaining a healthy body and brain is the key to leading an active and productive life and gives them the tools to make sure they stay healthy.

Join Kial, Michelle and Healthy Harold as they explore the inside of a human body and take everyone along for the ride! Using Augmented Reality technology, this highly engaging and entertaining lesson will spark curiosity and deepen students understanding of who they are and how to stay healthy.

Engaging activities centre on:

Body Systems: Exploring factors that influence health and wellbeing

Body Fuel: Understanding how positive nutrition and lifestyle choices help to maintain our internal body systems

Staying Safe: Identifying how medicines enter the body and safe behaviours for use

Life Education NSW

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Live Event - Scheduled


Life Education

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  15-Oct-2021    10:30AM


60 minutes




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To attend this event, you will require a device and internet connection. This event will be delivered via YouTube Live.

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Terese Hooper

0405 400 404

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Name: Terese Hooper

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.lifeeducation.org.au/teachers/all-systems-go

All Systems Go

·       factors that influence the function of body systems such as exercise and drugs

·       exploring ways to manage peer pressure

·       the effects of nicotine use

·       the function of vital organs (heart, lungs, brain, kidneys)

·       healthy food choices

PPD2-1 explores strategies to manage physical, social
and emotional change
PD2-2 explains and uses strategies to develop resilience
and to make them feel comfortable and safe
PD2-3 explains how empathy, inclusion and respect
can positively influence relationships
PD2-6 describes how contextual factors are
interrelated and how they influence health, safety,
wellbeing and participation in physical activity
PD2-7 describes strategies to make home and school
healthy, safe and physically active spaces
PD2-10 demonstrates a range of interpersonal skills
that build and enhance relationships and promote
inclusion in various situations

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