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Aboriginal Rangers & Turtle monitoring (Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5, Stage 6, TAFE Students, Teacher)

On Demand

WA and QLD Indigenous Rangers showcase their local Turtle monitoring scientific and conservation activities.


Recording of the live event on 16 March is available on-demand, register and I’ll send you the link.

2 options:
  1. Free: students watch the recording and afterward teachers use our online book-creating/self-publishing dashboard to automatically collect students’ learning into printable digital books. There’s an explainer on the recording & I’m available to help. 3 min explainer video. Books showcase the student’s learning and demonstrate the value of Rangers’ work and Aboriginal people, hopefully, teachers will share the books online and on social media.
  2. Or, $50, just watch the recording. Pay by credit card via the link on the payment page or request an invoice and it’s shared with the presenters.

Monthly interactive webinars on different topics from different Rangers and regions.

The Nanum Wungthim Land & Sea Rangers (Cape York, QLD) and Nyangumarta Warrarn Rangers (Kimberley, WA) present 20-30 min each on their turtle monitoring programs.

Terrence Yanawana and Denzel Hunter at 80 mile beach in the Kimberley Western Australia discuss monitoring turtles making nests and laying eggs. See them digging up the nests and counting the hatchlings’ success. See how they use technology to document data and how & why this data is analyzed.

Rangers discuss the ‘How, What, Why’ of scientific inquiry and demonstrate:

Data collection and analysis,
Conservation strategies,
What can we do?

Turtle making nest and laying eggs video. 

Authentic Aboriginal Rangers from all around Australia will present a mix of live talking and original video footage documenting their conservation work, or land/animal monitoring, or seasonal research projects. Plus, rare Indigenous knowledge passed down for thousands of years, cultural stories and art interpretation.

Participating schools have access to an online workbook, for teachers to automatically collect students’ learning and art into published digital books, online for 1 year. 3 min explainer video.

Opportunities to showcase books and be in the running for ‘Best Book’ monthly competition with technology and cash prizes, eg; November winner.


IS THIS A FREE EVENT? Conditions Apply



There are 150 Aboriginal Ranger groups throughout Australia.

Every month 2-6 different Aboriginal Rangers will present unique STEM content and conservation activities in their community.

We will showcase different Aboriginal Ranger groups, regions, and topics. Suggestions welcome.

Event Details

Event Type

On Demand (available until: 16-Mar-2022 03:00PM)

Delivery Platform



55 Minutes


Free option if teachers use the online Workbook to collect students’ learning into an automatically formatted collaborative class digital book and PDF to print on demand.

Or, $50 per school, paid to the Aboriginal Rangers who present and the Workbook technology.

Payment Instructions

Once paid we will send you the recording link asap.

Pay by credit card at the link below. If you need an invoice please email: [email protected]




Primary, Secondary

Syllabus Outcomes

ENLS5-A - Students express a point of view in relation to the content or presentation of visual texts, media or multimedia ● ENLS7-A - Students develop a point of view in relation to an argument or issue presented in a text ● ENLS-10B - Students explore the effects of different language forms, features and structures for a variety of purposes, audiences and contexts, explore the ways in which language forms, features and structures can be used to position the reader ● ENLS13-C - Students appreciate that their own experience shapes responses to texts, identify persuasive language used in texts, use persuasive language to present an opinion or point of view, identify how different texts treat the same subject matter, compare, discuss and justify different interpretations of texts ● ENLS-15D - Students recognise that texts can represent individual or shared views, identify and explain different points of view presented in a range of texts, compose texts to reflect a personal belief or point of view ● ENLS6-11 -

Main KLA, Strand, Sub Strand

Science and Tech » Working Scientifically and Design and Production » Physical World

Other KLAs

English » Making meaning through responding and composing » Writing and Representing

HSIE » History » Australian History: Colonials and National (Stage 3 - Year 5 and 6)

Learning Intentions & Success Criteria


Learning Intention: We are learning:

how to conduct scientific research and why it’s important,
some of the methods and technologies used for collecting primary-source data,
about data analysis techniques.

Success Criteria: I can:

understand the importance of scientific inquiry and primary-source content,
generate, discuss, and choose interesting questions to investigate,
use technology as a tool to articulate my learning into a collaborative class digital book.


LI: We are learning:

to value Indigenous STEM and conservation knowledge,
to understand the Australian ecosystem, wildlife, and cultures.

SC: I can:

understand the value of Indigenous knowledge, culture, and arts.

Cancellation Policy

If the presentation is canceled, you can move to another presentation or your money will be refunded.

Terms and Conditions


Will This Event Be Recorded?


Registered schools will receive the recording link 1 day after the event.

Joining The Event

Once you have booked this event, instructions to connect will appear on this Joining the Event tab. You will also receive a confirmation via email.

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Technology and Materials Requirements

Free option: if teachers use the online Workbook to collect students’ learning into an automatically formatted collaborative class digital book and PDF to print on demand.

Or, $50 per school, paid to the Aboriginal Rangers who present.

Once paid we will send you the recording link asap.

Pay by credit card at the link below. If you need an invoice please email: [email protected]


All books are private until shared and published/hosted online for 1 year. Download PDF to print on demand.

Monthly Book Competition.
Judging is done by the eBookform team on every book submitted by the 20th of each month.
Prizes will be paid by the 30th of each month in USD in the US or AUD everywhere else:
$50 Best Collaborative Class Book &
$100 Best Student’s Book (students must be under 18 years old).

We’re a Google for Education Partner and use AWS servers in your country, we comply with all privacy & data storage requirements.

If you have any queries please contact the provider

Name: Carey Furze

Phone: +61413608585

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://ebookform.com/

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